Inverted Tooth Chain Calculator

The Chain Calculator supports you in calculating your own inverted tooth chain. The program belongs to the comprehensive range of practical Engineering Tools, offered by Renold to simplify your daily work.

The Chain Calculator helps you to make a first selection on the correct chain for your requirements. Of course, we would be happy to provide you with personal consultation where we can discuss your needs directly.

Your advantages at a glance
• Direct consultation requests
• Convenient delivery of project data
• Automatic feasibility check
• Guided data entry with suggested values

Submit consultation requests
Clicking the consultation request lets you get in touch with an inverted tooth chain sales representative. You can include any questions that you have about a specific product, or get information about products, product variants, application possibilities, and much more.
Contact form

Fill in questionnaire
Here you can enter the data or objectives for your new or current inverted tooth chain project. You can then submit a consultation request that contains your project data. The questionnaire is part of the calculation program. Click “Project” followed by “New” to generate a new blank questionnaire.
Please note: All questionnaire items marked with an asterisk must be filled out in order for the calculation program to process your data. You can also enter placeholders.
Questionnaire for tooth chain drives

Calculation tool
After agreeing to the legal conditions, you can start the calculation program via the arrow. The program will guide you through the data entry process with suggested values and an automatic feasibility check to create an initial configuration. Data from the questionnaire will be sent separately and not automatically adopted by the calculation program. With your consultation request, we therefore also receive in addition to an initial selection (calculation result) your target objectives for additional optimization (questionnaire content).
Start the Chain Calculator